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Landustrie BV in Sneek was established around 1913 when two companies, a trading company with the name Landbouwhuis and a machine factory with the name Industria, were merged. Initially, polder drainage was concerned, later this shifted to the treatment of waste water. Landustrie was mainly active in the Netherlands until the 1960s, after which exports to around 70 countries grew strongly. Landustrie develops and produces most of its products in its own facility. To achieve this, the production hall has an area of approximately 5000 m² and is equipped with the most modern processing equipment. From 2010 a new line of pumps was introduced, started with vortex dry installed and vortex submersible pumps, first only in cast iron but now also available in various materials such as Ni-hard and stainless steel / Duplex. A series of screw centrifugal pumps has also been developed and is widely available.

Here you will find all information and documentation that is available for all types of Landustrie / Landy pumps. These pumps are used in places where liquids with solid components are present that can cause problems. By using the Landustrie vortex impeller or screw centrifugal impeller, clogging can be prevented, with lower costs and longer life as a positive consequence.

Pompdirect has various types of Landustrie pumps in stock, this also applies to overhaul sets, should you carry out repairs to the pumps yourself. Of course we can also do this for you with our well-trained experienced technicians in our well-equipped workshop.

For new pumps, repairs, parts or information about Landustrie pumps, you can contact Pompdirect.

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